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Summer may be coming to and end (yes, I know, tears), but fun travel supplies always make great gifts! Whether you're buying for a college graduate headed to Europe, a parent taking the kids on break, or someone planning a fab girl's trip with friends, they're going to need some shiny new objects to kick off the journey. And, if the traveler is you, even better - you can pick up a few of these items for yourself ;-)

Check out these four great gifts for travelers!

Clockwise from top left - links below are not affiliate links and are simply provided for convenience. Photos and logos copyright and courtesy of the brands.

Monogrammed Linen Bag - my motto (one of them) is 'monogram everything!' This linen bag is a great travel companion - it protects shoes and bags, or can be used to store clothes that need to be laundered upon return. And, it's personalized, so it makes an extra special gift. Available from Simply Gifted.

Carry On Cocktail Kit - Get your drink on 30,000 feet in the air with this W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit. With everything from Old Fashioned to Margarita, there's a kit for every taste. Simply add your airplane bottle of spirits in-flight to enjoy.

FitKicks - Tired feet can ruin a trip real quick! When you want comfort, but you don't want to scream 'hey, I'm a tourist!,' grab a pair of these super comfy and flexible FitKicks. This minimalist, yet stylish footwear is made for plane rides, exploring city streets and strollling on sandy beaches.

Sleep Mask from LaAquarelle - Nothing says 'do not disturb' on the plane like a sleep mask. And, this one has added relaxation of insert-able lavender sachets for an even higher level of zoning-out. Check out their Etsy shop for this mask and more organic goods, straight from across the pond.

I hope you enjoyed these travel goodies - drop me a line in the comments to let me know where you're headed next. I'm off to the beach in a few weeks to soak up some rays on the beaches of 30A in Florida. Enjoy!

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