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Oh, baby - the secret formula to the perfect baby gift

It's safe to say that every season is baby season. These precious little bundles of joy come into the world year-round - spring, summer, winter, fall. Although, there might be a slight surge nine months after a snow storm or Valentine's Day (wink, wink)!

Between gender reveal parties, baby showers and sip-and-see's, there are lots of celebrations for Mama and baby. And, yes, you should bring a gift, at least a small token, to acknowledge the special occasion.

Want to know the secret formula for the perfect baby gift? It's all about the three P's! I say the perfect baby gift is: Personalized, Pretty & Practical!

Baby gift
Baby's monogram, fresh florals and practical items from the registry make this a perfect baby gift!

Personalized - adding the baby's monogram or name really gives it that special touch. Some parents don't like to give out the baby's full name in advance, but you can certainly discreetly ask for just the initials. You can also add personality by checking the registry to see what colors are being used in the registry and what design elements are the focus - e.g. dogs, dinosaurs, hearts, etc.

Pretty - yep, even the ones for boys should have the air of beauty - think gauzy tulle, plush velvet, soothing colors, even fresh florals/flowers.

Bumble bees, baby's name and shades of yellow and gray!

Practical - a re-usable container comes in handy for nursery storage, and don't forget to check the registry to see what baby needs most. Don't be afraid to incorporate diapers, wipes, bath products and other practical things from the registry.


White metal tub - Tommy Bahama - Homegoods

similar tub here at Target

Baby nursing pads and binky - Amazon

Fresh florals - local nursery

Wooden chalkboard crate - Michael's

Burt's Bees baby wash and ointment

Johnson's baby wipes

Baby caps and washcloths - Sterling Baby

similar here

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