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Listen, corporate gifts don't have to be boring! Quite the opposite, they should evoke your brand in the look, the feel and the sentiment. And, the details really matter, because slapping your logo all over any old pen or plastic water bottle and shoving it in a cheap basket isn't the look you're going for.

I had the opportunity to create a set of corporate gifts for an amazing company in the multi-family housing industry. I love that they chose two out-of-the box options to welcome a few special new hires to their family. You can check out all the details below and a few tips on making your corporate gifts 'unboring!'

What's in the box? - click links for sources.

At left, 'Red' y to Move box - designed to evoke a local flavor by using all local goods, meant for colleagues that were relocating from out-of-state to Atlanta:

-Personalized Bottled Cokes

-Atlanta Glasses- Simply Gifted

-Geraldine's Cheese Straws

-Atlanta Magazine

-Xocoatl Chocolate 'Wide-eyed'

At right, Green is Good box - designed to tie back into the company's brand colors (green + white) and contains all local goods.

-Xocoatl chocolate - 'Magnifimint'

-Atlanta Magazine

-Montane Sparkling Water

-ATL/404 Stemless wine glasses

-Geraldine's Cheese Straws

*All logos and names are trademarks of the respective owners and do not indicate sponsorship in any way. Links are not affiliate links and are simply provided for convenience only.

A few tips for giving your corporate gifts the 'wow' factor:

Go local! - local goods are the jam right now, a trend that I hope continues forever, pretty much! Not only are you supporting a local business, but you're adding flair that a large, multi-national company can't supply. It says, we don't just do business here, we're part of the community! So, toss out the catalog with huge tins of orange-coated popcorn, and hunt down your local snack maker.

Logo with restraint! - Yes, I get it, you loooove your logo and want to plaster it on every. little. thing. You're not easy, so stop acting like it! Choose one really cool thing that makes sense to sport your lovely logo. Then, top off the package with a special logo'd card or ribbon for effect. I promise, a little logo goes a long way.

Add Variety! - Don't fill the package with all edible items - add a few other things like coasters, glasses, notepads in with the old chocolates. Pretty + practical is my 'go to' philosophy. Mix it up a bit, y'all! But remember, a theme is always good, so make sure the items relate in some way - coffee time, tea time, movie night, travel, you get the drift!

Fill it Up! - the last thing you want your brand to say is 'we're cheap.' Make sure your container is sized appropriately so it feels full and generous. No one wants a basket full of crinkle filler. No. one. If budget is a concern, find a small, inexpensive item to fill in the holes. I'm talking truffles here, not paper clips.

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