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Four Easy Ways to Take Your Gifts from Drab to Fab!

I'm pretty sure the legendary Ice Cube once said something like, 'giftin' ain't easy, but it's necessary." Yeah, pretty sure that's it, wink! The art of gifting isn't rocket science, but it does take a lot of thought and creativity to turn everyday, ordinary gifts to something special. Check out four easy ways we used to take this s'mores gift basket from drab to fab!

#1 Personalization

Use personalization to make the gift a one-of-a-kind treat made just for the recipient. Good examples are zip codes or addresses for housewarming gifts, baby names for shower gifts, or monograms for wedding gifts. For this s'mores basket meant as a housewarming gift, I used the zip code for the new home's location.

#2 Upgrade Packaging

Switch items out of commercial packing and put them in fun containers, for example, store marshmallows in mason jars, wrap graham crackers in a kitchen towel tied with ribbon, and place dog treats in fabric bags. The Ball canning jar was ~$2 and the Threshold kitchen towel was $3 - both from Target. The fabric bag was purchased from the Container store and I used my Cricut to add a custom-designed iron-on.

#3 Tie it Together

Using a bit of ribbon on individual items ties them together in a theme and helps your gift look more consistent in color and feel. I used a grey ribbon on the chocolate bar and marshmallows to add a bit of flair and tie the items together aesthetically.

#4 Details are Everything

Once everything is in place, add ribbon and gift tags that match the theme to finish the look. I used light, airy tulle and a custom-designed gift tag to say 'Home Sweet Home.'

So, there you go! Four easy and inexpensive ways to take your gifting to the next level. Enjoy!

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