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A Basket of Beautiful B's + Blues

A Basket of Beautiful B's + Blues - Whew! Say that five -times-fast! There are so many things that go into a gift - what does the receiver like? do all these things fit together in a theme? how are they all going to look placed together? And, don't forget the finishing touches that really say, 'this was meant just for you, and no one else!' Read on below to see how this BBB+B all came together!

This fab gift was put together for a corporate client - the receiver was an executive, new to town and had just moved into an apartment. I could tell by her very sophisticated attire and blue suede designer heels that she was not easy to impress. Those blue shoes came back to me as I was shopping and that was the inspiration behind the color palette.

I also had intel that she loved a good snack and a good Cabernet - check and check! Every new apartment needs a few personal touches such as a fun pom pom-trimmed kitchen towel, monogrammed wine glasses and a relaxing candle to fill the room with a homey smell.

To finish off, I cut a few custom tags to pull it all together - snack, savor, sip! I don't know about you, but I'm getting major French Country vibes off this one... enjoy!


Picnic Basket, Kitchen Towel, Snacks - World Market

Candle - HomeGoods

Wine - Federalist Cabernet Sav - Total Wine

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